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Welcome 2014 and all that comes with it!

After a long and relaxing Christmas and New Years break in Sunny Naples, Florida, KristinM is back with a vengeance for 2014! 2013 saw some really exciting private commissions for KristinM, which I loved working on. However, in 2014, as well as working on those great... read more

The Shell Collection is here.

At the beginning of the year when the days were cold, grey and very short I tried to inject some sunshine into our lives with what was the inspiration and beginning of the KristinM shell collection. Quite a few months later due to private commissions and a steady flow... read more

Strawberries at Wimbledon.

             Kirsty Wigglesworth/Press Association Images Much to my delight, the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted wearing a KristinM Acorn necklace at last year’s Wimbledon finals. I wonder if she’ll be sporting a KristinM Strawberry necklace at this... read more

May May be as Green as an Emerald

May is always a welcome month in my mind. Its the month when spring finally gets serious, its my birthday month and its the month that celebrates emerald as its birthstone. And as my birthstone, emeralds have always held a special place in my heart. For one of my very... read more

Good as Gold

There’s been a feeling of exhilaration in KristinM’s world this week. The price of gold, (silver and platinum, and indeed most metals) has gone down, and we’re not talking by a few pence,  no, this is major, we’re talking pounds per gram – just over night. It’s... read more

A Girls Best Friend!

After two weeks of absence, week one due to a bout of pneumonia, the second due to a much appreciated Easter break in the Swedish alps with glorious sunshine, I’m back! As it’s April, I would like to celebrate a girls best friend and and this months birthstone –... read more

Sun, Sea, Sand and Shells!

17th March, and London is just offering rain, rain and more rain. However, in KristinM’s world there is Sun, Sea, Sand and Shells as I’ve started working on my Summer Beach Collection. To Brighten everyone’s week up here’s a little collage of... read more

Roses aren’t always red!

Spring Has Sprung!!! Apparently….. However, with these chili winds, grey skies and drizzle it’s hard to believe. I usually love spring, mainly due to beautiful flowers bloom after a barren winter, but so far I’ve only seen a few frozen looking snowdrops... read more

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